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The Vaccine Group to collaborate with The Pirbright Institute and ECO Animal Health Group

Portfolio company TVG to develop prototype vaccines to tackle porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in 18-month project with The Pirbright Institute and ECO Animal Health.

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Bonduelle Group enters collaboration with Fieldwork Robotics to develop cauliflower harvesting robot

It is the second application of Fieldwork’s technology to win industry support. The three year collaboration expected to result in prototype ready for commercial manufacture

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UK government’s Future Fund invests £360,000 in Nandi Proteins as part of £720,000 fund raising

Government investment part of convertible loan to support Nandi in meeting commercial and technical milestones.

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Innovate UK extends backing for Fieldwork Robotics

Portfolio company Fieldwork Robotics has been awarded an £84,000 continuity grant by Innovate UK to accelerate development of its robot technology through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Frontier IP strengthens team with appointment of Software Commercialisation Director

Mark Rosten,the former Senior Vice President for mobile payments group Bango plc has joined Frontier IP in new role to drive forward software projects.

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Elute Intelligence launches ground breaking Patent Reader commercially

Portfolio company Elute Intelligence Holdings is to make patent searching quicker and easier with the commercial launch of its innovative Patent Reader.

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UK government Future Fund invests £250,000 in Pulsiv Solar

Investment part of £500,000 convertible loan, which also includes investment from University of Plymouth Enterprise Limited and Frontier IP

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Cambridge Raman Imaging completes £250,000 funding round to commercialise novel medical microscope technology

Funding to be used to develop innovative graphene-enabled scanning Raman microscope.

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AquaInSilico to commercialise wastewater treatment software following grant award

AquaInSilico wins EIT RawMaterials grant to build on industrial collaboration and commercialise software tools.

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Strong commercial and technical progress for Pulsiv Solar

Portfolio company is working with a major multinational, engaged in discussions with others, and strengthened IP position

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Bosch to work with Fieldwork Robotics to optimise agricultural robots

Frontier IP is delighted to announce that Robert Bosch LImited (“Bosch”) has entered into an agreement to work with portfolio company Fieldwork Robotics (“Fieldwork” or the “Company”) to accelerate development of its novel robot technology to harvest soft fruit and vegetables.

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The Vaccine Group makes significant progress with COVID-19 animal vaccines

Portfolio company The Vaccine Group has made significant progress in developing animal vaccines based on its novel technology to tackle COVID-19.

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University of Cambridge and Frontier IP collaboration to tackle gum disease wins grant funding

A collaborative project between Frontier IP and the University of Cambridge (the “University”) to tackle gum disease has been awarded a £52,891 grant by the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (“NBIC”).

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Elute Intelligence launches Patent Reader product to expert user group

Elute Intelligence Holdings has opened up access on its Patent Reader platform to a group of experienced patent professionals helping them to effectively and efficiently find relevant patent information.

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