Learn how Elute Intelligence can make your FTO searches faster and easier


Elute develops advanced tools based on forensic linguistics to search, compare and analyse complex documents in large datasets. Our software automatically builds search terms from any text you enter, including whole documents, removing the need for multiple keyword searches. It then ranks the results. You immediately see the most relevant patents at the top and, because the software is transparent, understand the reasons for the ranking.

In this webinar, Richard Nugent, Head of IP Strategy at Coller IP., will explain how Elute can make your freedom to operate searches more efficient. At Coller IP, his role encompasses intangible asset audits, competitive intelligence, IP management and training, IP policy, and contracts consulting. He has a strong interest in new technologies and commercialising innovation.

The webinar is being held on the 24 February at 15.30 GMT / 16.30 CET. You can register here: https://eluteintelligence.com/registration/