Elute Intelligence

Elute Intelligence Holdings is developing novel software tools to intelligently search, compare and analyse complex documents to identify the similarities between them by mimicking the way people read. There are a huge range of applications, from searching patents and contracts, to detecting evidence of plagiarism, collusion and copyright infringement.

The Company was formed from an existing business CFL Software Limited, and also includes complementary intellectual property developed by Frontier IP. Its main focus is on patent searching, for which it has developed two products , Patent Reader and SpanMatch, to meet different search requirements.

Elute has also launched a dedicated, free-to-use online COVID-19 Document Reader to support scientists worldwide to find vital research more rapidly. It is available at https://elute.info

The company’s technology is based on Computational Forensic Linguistics to read documents at speed using the capacity of modern computers. CFL Software was founded as CFL Software Development in 1994 by David Woolls, who has been involved in the technology since the mid-1980s.

He has developed tools to identify and prevent plagiarism, collusion and copyright infringement. Customers include a number of institutions, including the University Central Admissions Service.

Peter Fischer Elute Intelligence Ceo

Elute’s chief executive officer is Peter Fischer, who has more than 20 years’ experience in knowledge intensive software solutions, including for Thomson Reuters and US patent-translation company MultiLing.