Cambridge Raman Imaging

Cambridge Raman Imaging Limited (CRIL) is developing graphene-enhanced ultra-fast lasers for use across a range of imaging applications.

The Company, a spin out from the University of Cambridge and the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, is initially focused on a graphene-enabled Raman-imaging scanning microscope for use in medicine to diagnose and track cancer tumours and for other detection applications.

The technology uses graphene to modulate ultra-short pulses of light that can be synchronised in time and are much lower cost than existing systems.

CRIL’s scanning microscope will target real-time digital images of fresh tissue samples to detect and show the extent of tumours, their response to drug treatments and to allow surgeons to see if a cancer has been completely removed. Existing technologies mean samples taken from a patient must be sent to a laboratory for analysis. CRIL’s lasers will be compact enough to use in theatre, speeding up surgery.

Potential future applications include endoscopic examination, scanning body fluids for pathogens or tumour cells, and imaging semiconductors or proteins.