In this interconnected world, with ever growing amounts of content, data traffic is increasing at unprecedented rates whilst consumers expect ever faster data access. This is driving strong demand for smaller, cheaper, faster, scalable photonic chips that can deliver against datacentre technology roadmaps and network developments for 5G and beyond.

CamGraphIC is developing graphene-based photonic technology to meet these needs. Its core product is a graphene photonic chip for data conversion that, with small variations dependent on applications, will constitute a single platform for datacom and telecom industries.

Graphene modulators and photodetectors will be integrated into silicon chips, exploiting the unique performance demonstrated so far operating across multiple telecommunication bands.

Incumbent technology platforms, including the emergent Si Photonics, will not be able to support current roadmaps due to intrinsic technological limitations. Graphene photonics is a core enabler for the creation of devices with small footprints, low cost, high bandwidth, low energy loss and very high speeds.

The Company is commercialising technology developed at the University of Cambridge and Italian research institute CNIT.