Molendotech is developing novel technology to rapidly test for bacteria, cutting the time taken from days into hours, or even minutes, in some applications.

Simon Jackson Researcher And Kit

This is because the company’s technology can be used on location, removing the need for samples to be sent to laboratories for testing to be undertaken.

A kit called SirenBW based on the Company’s technology is already being commercialised and sold by Palintest, a subsidiary of FTSE 100 life protection and hazard detection group Halma Plc. SirenBW is a high speed test for faecal bacteria in recreational water which takes as little as 15 minutes to produce a result compared to up to two days for laboratory-based tests.

The University of Plymouth spin out has also recently developed a novel method to detect specific pathogenic bacteria, opening up new markets including the food industry. Molendotech is collaborating with one of Europe’s leading fresh produce companies G’s Group, a supplier to Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and many other leading retailers.

The Company was incorporated to develop and commercialise the work of Professor Simon Jackson, Honorary Professor at the University of Plymouth’s Peninsula Medical School.