PulsiV Solar

Pulsiv Solar’s patented technology can improve the energy efficiency of devices that need to convert power.

These include the power converters used in a huge range of everyday consumer devices such as televisions, mobile phones and laptops, battery chargers and the micro-inverters used in photovoltaic solar installations.

The Company and its technology is attracting strong interest from industry. It is working with Bosch UK to optimise the design of a solar micro inverter prototype for full-scale production, a collaboration which will allow Pulsiv to market the devices as “Engineered by Bosch”.

Pulsiv has also successfully integrated its technology into a standard battery charger, used by a host of devices such as power tools, improving its power factor to more than 90 per cent in laboratory conditions.

There are now 13 patents granted worldwide on the Company’s technology, including in the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan and Japan.

The Company has been backed by grant funding from Innovate UK.  Pulsiv was incorporated to develop and commercialise the work of Dr Zaki Ahmed, Associate Professor in Information Technology at the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at the University.