Our Approach

Our approach is to grow value in our portfolio companies by not just advising but doing. In addition to providing strategic direction, our experienced team helps companies with a range of activities, usually those which are common points of failure and traditionally absent in early stage technology companies.

We help companies to adopt a more business-like approach, in particular encouraging early engagement with the potential market through Frontier IP’s established industry networks. Our support includes strategic and commercial expertise, corporate finance and capital raising, and a range of administrative services.

We also, of course, recognise the importance of access to sources of capital to finance early stage businesses as they develop and our companies have access to our extensive network of sources of capital ranging from institutions, industry investors through to private individuals.

Typically, we would not seek investment until we had visibility on customer and market requirements and, therefore, a clear view of the funding required to take the technology to the next stage. This may also result in investment from the relevant industrial player, bringing value (industry connections or technology validation) over and above capital.

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