What We Do

Our business model is to apply deep Intellectual Property commercialisation expertise to building a portfolio of successful companies through:

  • Establishing formal and informal relationships with universities as sources of IP and deal flow
  • Identifying strong IP and helping to create and grow companies built around this IP
  • Earning equity in return for strategic and commercial support
  • Providing active, hands-on support
  • Building a wide network of sources of capital

The Group earns its equity and revenue by helping businesses to grow in value, providing downstream attractive returns for Frontier IP’s shareholders and stakeholders. Equity stakes are earned through providing practical support ahead of arranging capital.

Our team works with a range of universities and sources of deal flow and continues to develop new sources of IP from both formal and informal relationships.

Our resource intensive approach is to be selective in our engagement with portfolio companies during their life cycle. Effort is focused on and resource applied to those companies where the Group holds a significant equity stake and where Frontier’s expertise and access to capital can be applied to accelerate delivery and growth – our Core Portfolio. The make-up of this Core Portfolio will change over time as need and demand changes.

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