Why Invest?

Key Strengths

  • Portfolio offers strong capital growth potential
  • Experienced management team
  • Proactive in sourcing potential spin-outs
  • Founder equity in return for support, not capital invested

What Makes Us Different?

  • Focus on doing the heavy lifting at a critical early stage rather than advising or investing, leaving inventors free to do what they do best
  • Building a portfolio of technology companies where we have substantial (up to 40%) and “free” equity stakes
  • Risk diversified across a wide range of technologies
  • Ability to be opportunistic in working with sources of high-quality IP, through a mixture of formal and informal partnerships


  • Aiming to build on strong growth momentum in portfolio value - 7x growth in fair value of portfolio in four years (2011:2015)
  • Shortage of similar very early-stage providers in the UK and continental Europe
  • Increasing pressure on universities to demonstrate impact and generate fresh income streams
  • Expanding into under-served markets in continental Europe, where third party commercialisation expertise is largely absent

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